Fluoride Content of Various Beers

 I consider 0.0-0.2 PPM (parts per million) to be fluoride-free


Questions or comments: stevewest969@gmail.com

    Tested using Extech FL700


Date tested

content (PPM)


Leinenkugels 11/20/2011 0.1 Chippewa Falls, WI
Rogue Mocha Porter 11/04/2011 0.1 Newport, OR
New Glarus Fat Squirrel 11/04/2011 0.1 New Glarus, WI
Iron City Light 11/04/2011 0.1 Latrobe, PA
Estrella Damm 11/11/2011 0.1Barcelona, Spain
Newcastle 11/23/2011 0.1England
Bass 11/23/2011 0.1England
Stella Artois 11/04/2011 0.2 Belgium
Guinness 11/04/2011 0.2 Dublin, Ireland
St. Pauli Girl 11/20/2011 0.2Germany
Bitburger 11/20/2011 0.2Germany
Lammsbrau Organic Pilsner 11/04/2011 0.3Germany
Becks 11/11/2011 0.3Germany
Ale Asylum Satisfaction Jackson Double IPA 11/11/2011 0.3Madison, WI
Schlitz 11/20/2011 0.3Milwaukee, WI
Hinterland Luna Stout 11/25/2011 0.3Green Bay, WI
Corona 11/25/2011 0.3Mexico
Spaten Optimator 11/27/2011 0.4Munich, Germany
Lakefront Brewing Co. Riverwest Stein 11/04/2011 0.5Milwaukee, WI
Miller 11/25/2011 0.6Milwaukee, WI
Miller Lite 11/25/2011 0.6Milwaukee, WI
Sam Adams 11/11/2011 0.6Boston, MA
New Holland Brewing Co. The Poet Oatmeal Stout11/11/20110.6Holland, MI
Left Hand Brewing Co. Milk Stout 11/11/2011 0.6Longmont, CO
New Belgium Brewery Fat Tire 11/20/2011 0.6Fort Collins, CO
Big Bay Brewing Co. Wavehopper Ale 11/04/20110.7Milwaukee, WI
Capitol Brewery Celebrate Summer11/25/2011 0.7Middleton, WI
Molson Canadian 11/25/2011 0.7Toronto
Great Lakes Brewing Co. Burning River 11/04/2011 0.8Cleveland, OH
Magic Hat Winter Seasonal11/11/2011 0.9South Burlington, VT
Wolaver's Oatmeal Stout11/27/2011 0.9Middlebury, VT
Point 2012 Black Ale 11/27/2011 1.0Stevens Point, WI
Milwaukee Brewing Co. Louie's Demise Ale 12/03/2011 0.1Milwaukee, WI
Dark Horse Brewing Co. Crooked Tree IPA 12/03/2011 0.6Marshall, MI
Bell's Pale Ale 12/03/2011 0.4Comstock, MI
Sierra Nevada Stout 12/06/2011 0.1Chico, CA
Left Hand Brewing Co. 400 Pound Monkey Pale Ale 12/06/2011 0.5Longmont, CO
Foster's (brewed by Oil Can Breweries in USA) 12/07/2011 0.6Fort Worth, TX
Heineken 12/07/2011 0.1Amsterdam, Holland
Tiger 12/07/2011 0.5Singapore
Big Sky Brewing Co. Heavy Horse Scotch Ale 12/07/2011 0.2Missoula, MT
Milwaukee Brewing Co. Bock Bier 12/07/2011 0.1Milwaukee, WI
Ale Asylum Contorter Porter 12/09/2011 0.6Madison, WI
Southern Tier Brewing Company Porter 12/11/2011 0.5Lakewood, NY
Summit Brewing Co. Great Northern Porter 12/11/2011 0.9St. Paul, MN
Flying Dog Brewery Road Dog Porter 12/11/2011 0.3Frederick, MD
Alaskan winter Ale 12/14/2011 0.2Juneau, AK
Tyranena Brewing Co. Sheepshagger Schotch Ale 12/15/2011 0.7Lake Mills, WI
Big Sky Brewing Co. Moose Drool 12/16/2011 0.2Missoula, MT
Sand Creek Badger Porter 12/16/2011 0.3Black River Falls, WI
Shiner Bock 12/16/2011 0.3Shiner, TX
Potosi Gandy Dancer Porter 12/16/2011 1.0Potosi, WI
Potosi Cave Ale 09/05/2011 0.5Potosi, WI
Pilsner Irquel 12/16/2011 0.2Pilsen, Czech Republic
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA 12/16/2011 0.2Chico, CA
Rogue Ale 12/16/2011 0.2Newport, OR
New Holland Brewing Co. Mad Hatter IPA12/16/20110.9Holland, MI
New Belgium Brewery Winter 12/16/2011 0.8Fort Collins, CO
Milwaukee Brewing Co. Flaming Damsel Real Blonde Lager 12/16/2011 0.1Milwaukee, WI
Coors Light 12/16/2011 0.2Golden, CO
New Glarus IPA 12/16/2011 0.7New Glarus, WI
Dam Brewery Colorado Native 12/28/2011 0.5Dillon, CO
Anchor Steam 01/07/2012 0.6San Francisco, CA
Milwaukee Brewing Co. Milk Stout 01/15/2012 0.6Milwaukee, WI
Lakefront Brewing Co. Fuel Cafe Stout 01/20/2012 0.6Milwaukee, WI
Flying Dog Dogtoberfest Marzen 01/20/2012 0.3Frederick, MD
Pabst Blue Ribbon 1/22/2012 0.4Milwaukee, WI
Gumballhead Three Floyds Wheat 02/05/2012 0.6Munster, IN
Bud Light 08/02/2012 0.6St. Louis, MO
Goose Island IPA 08/02/2012 0.4Portsmouth, NH
Central Waters Mudpuppy Porter 11/04/2011 0.2 Amherst, WI
Odell Brewing Co. IPA 08/02/2012 0.4Fort Collins, CO
Chimay 08/02/2012 0.2Belgium
Red Hook 08/06/2012 0.4Woodville, WA
Miller High Life 08/06/2012 0.6Milwaukee, WI
Lion Stout 08/06/2012 0.2Sri Lanka
Spaten Lager 08/06/2012 0.3Munich, Germany
Sol 08/06/2012 0.2Monterrey, Mexico
Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout 08/06/2012 0.3Yorkshire, England
Hoegaarden WIT-Blanche 08/07/2012 0.2Belgium
O'So Brewing Company Hopdinger 08/07/2012 0.0Plover, WI
O'So Brewing Company Night Train 08/20/2012 0.3Plover, WI
Peak Organic Nut Brown Ale 08/20/2012 0.6Portland, ME
Founder's Dirty Bastard Scotch Style Ale 08/20/2012 0.3Grand Rapids, MI
Kostritzer Schwarzbier 08/21/2012 0.2Kostritz, Germany
Central Waters Satin Soltice Imperial Stout 08/23/2012 0.2Amherst, WI
Abita Turbo Dog 08/23/2012 0.2Abita Springs, LA
Abita Amber 08/26/2012 0.2Abita Springs, LA
Alhambra Negra 08/23/2012 0.2Granada, Spain
Peroni 08/23/2012 0.9Italy
Budweiser 08/26/2012 0.4St. Louis, MO
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 08/26/2012 0.1Chico, CA
Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale 08/26/2012 0.5England
Bell's Two Hearted Ale 08/30/2012 0.5Comstock, MI
Lagunita's Hop Stoopid Ale 09/07/2012 0.0Petaluma, CA
New Glarus Black Top 09/07/2012 0.7New Glarus, WI
Rolling Rock 09/07/2012 0.3Latrobe, PA
Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale 10/05/2012 0.2Chico, CA
Grolsch 10/05/2012 0.2Holland
Lagunita's Maximus IPA 10/05/2012 0.0Petaluma, CA
Moosehead 10/05/2012 0.0Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Spaten Oktoberfest UR-Marzen 10/05/2011 0.3Munich, Germany
Maharaja 10/05/2012 0.0India
Flying Horse 10/05/2012 0.0India
Xingu Black 10/05/2012 0.0Brazil
New Glarus Staghorn Octoberfest 12/07/2012 0.1New Glarus, WI
Dos Equis Ale 12/07/2012 0.0Monterrey, Mexico
Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot 12/07/2012 0.0Petaluma, CA
North Coast Brewery Old Rasputin Imperial Stout 12/07/2012 0.0Fort Bragg, CA
Sierra Nevada Porter 12/07/2012 0.0Chico, CA
Negra Modelo 12/07/2012 0.6Mexico City, MX
Lagunitas Little Sumpin Sumpin Ale 12/07/2012 0.1Petaluma, CA
Sierra Nevada Narwal Imperial Stout 12/07/2012 0.0Chico, CA
Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout 01/08/2013 0.0Petaluma, CA
Hinterland Winterland 01/08/2013 0.9Green Bay, WI
Carlsberg Elephant Beer 01/08/2013 0.0Fredericia, Denmark
Czechvar 01/08/2013 0.0Czech Republic
Red Stripe 04/08/2013 0.0Latrobe, PA
Henry Weinhard's Woodland Pass IPA 04/08/2013 0.2Hood River, OR
Dos Equis 04/08/2013 0.0Mexico
Lone Star 04/08/2013 0.2Fort Worth, TX
Imperial 04/08/2013 0.0San Jose, Costa Rica
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